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What We Do

Types of Investigations We Offer

Listed below are the kinds of investigations we do. And since we try to keep a supply of ingenuity on hand at all times, if your particular needs aren’t shown here, chances are good that we can create a solution for the investigation that you need.

  • Business

    Discipline and Termination
    Labor Relations
    Title VII
    Unfair Business Practices
    Contract Compliance

  • Commercial Litigation

    Trademark Infringement
    Securities Fraud
    Wrongful Death
    Contract Disputes
    Business Fraud

  • Domestic

    Activities Monitoring
    Locating Hidden Assets
    Process Service
    Child Custody
    Missing Persons
    Elder Abuse

  • Due Diligence

    Asset Searches
    Background Investigations
    Investment Research
    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Internet Sleuthing

  • Estate and Probate

    Undue Influence
    Diminished Capacity
    Vulnerable Adult
    Elder Exploitation
    Financial Exploitation

  • Insurance Defense

    Medical Malpractice
    Product Liability
    Worker’s Compensation
    Personal Injury
    Sub Rosa
    Witness Statements
    Witness Locates
    Informal Discovery
    Insurance Fraud

  • Public Service

    Employment Discrimination
    Sexual Harassment
    Hostile Work Environment
    Death Investigation
    Ethics Complaints
    Employment Issues

  • Criminal Cases

    Unsolved Homicides
    Crime Victims
    High Profile Cases
    Product Tampering
    Criminal Misconduct