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Okay folks, how tough can it be? Really? You send thousands of dollars to a perfect stranger that you met on a dating site? He claims to be constructing a what? A Ferris Wheel in Nigeria? You’ve never met the guy, but you are “in love”. He desperately needs the dough because his foot was hurt while constructing the, “Big Wheel”.

Me: What’s his Email address? You gave him HOW much? Jesus.

I Google his Email address and low and behold he’s a con – a long time con. The first thing I do is send him a mushy little note saying I’d just discovered his darling photo buried under some of my junk on my desk. (I couldn’t for the life of me explain how I missed HIM!) I told him it must be God’s way of putting us together at just the right time. He took the bait. (Oh and did I mention I live in La Jolla, CA, have a big ole boat that my staff will be taking myself and a group of friends to Mexico for a few days, so coverage might be spotty). And, I love you sooooooo much.

Now what? Let the wild ride begin!

Well, you aren’t going to get your money back, but it might give you some satisfaction to have his scamming ass running all over Nigeria looking for that brand new iPhone you are sending him. This could go on for days even weeks. First, a promise of more money, then the iPhone (so he can call you whenever he wants). Maybe then even cash for a plane ticket home to Seattle (where he claims to be from). It can go on and on. Get your girlfriends involved. Have a glass or two of wine and go for the gusto. He has no shame, why should you? Finally, you send him a curse (they really hate that shit). His penis will dry up and fall off for all the bad he has done. He will believe it. You then delete your fake Email and follow his activities on the web and alert others. By this time all the fake photos and Email addresses he has provided will be all over the web and it will be a huge pain for him to have to create all new identities. He may not think twice, but then again you have stopped him for whatever period of time and he knows it can happen again. These idiots are all over the place. If you have nothing better to do some rainy Sunday afternoon, go for it! They bite like starving leeches. Check out

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