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Finding Susan Cox Powell

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  • Elaine E.Godfrey says:

    I am not claiming to be anything, I have a gift that I’m able to help people,But lately I have had an overwhelming feeling to contact someone even if it’s just validation. I’m not Looking for approval ,fame or Money, just validation of places that may have been overlooked. Please contact me My Phone no 801-603-4387 . I Have references of family’s and total strangers I have shared with, helped locate.

  • Chris Powell says:

    I have a friend that forwarded this poster to me through NWCN. I have so much to say and share, I’m not sure where to get started. First, I do believe I know where Susan is located. I have been at the site two times now. How I got there is the story of the journey.

    One question for you: Have you worked with a reputable Medium yet/before?

    If you have, I am asking you to go back to him/her and ask them if they can “see” if someone has been digging near her. I also put pink flag tape on the tree near her. If they come back with a “yes”, I can lead you right to the spot.

    If you believe in the Spirits, know that this journey has been a connection between me and Susan. Yes, I mean what I said. I am not a Medium, so to help me “validate” my progress, I went to a Medium twice. I am an Intuitive and I have two friends who also do this type of work. So, with the help of those 3 people, we believe strongly in her location (I am the only one that’s been on site). BUT, I know that Detectives work straight line on facts. Its the way you work and that is what makes you successful.

    I would be very willing to sit down and talk to you about all the information that I have. I have pictures and drawings of the site that I would be willing to give you.

    Please believe….

  • Rose Winquist says:

    Anyone with any information please contact me or Chuck Cox at the numbers listed on the flyer. Rose Winquist

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