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PillSudafed E-Coli Cases

The Winquist team has taken on a wide range of high- profile criminal and civil cases. They’ve provided crucial evidence resulting in many criminal convictions including a Sudafed tampering case in which many people were murdered or sickened by cyanide-laced Sudafed. They’ve also provided key investigation on an E-coli poisoning case in which many were sickened by tainted food.


security-01Securities Fraud Cases

Rose and her team also have solved complex securities fraud cases. We provided investigative services on a case involving a short-selling scheme that used the Internet to undermine the value of a pharmaceutical company’s product and stock, by creating the false impression that a new research company was about to bring out a generic version of the legitimate company’s drug.


elders-01Elder Exploitation Cases

Our team also has taken on many elder abuse and financial exploitation cases. One involved a wealthy widow with early dementia who was befriended by a pastor who financially exploited her, including convincing her to write a new will leaving all her money to him. We found crucial evidence showing the pastor’s undue influence on the widow, which allowed the Court to invalidate the new will.


finance-01Financial Exploitation

In another case, Rose and her investigators found evidence showing that a wealthy widower was bilked out of most of his savings by a convicted murderess who trolled Internet dating sites for elderly and financially secure men. This allowed the Court to issue a $2.3 million civil judgment against the woman for financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, and put her in prison for 5 years.


missing-01Missing Persons

Our investigators are also working on locating the missing body of Mark Stover. Mark was the subject of a 48 Hours Investigation, called The Dog Trainer, The Heiress and The Body Guard.

Rose is currently working on many missing persons cases including the unsolved homicide of Tanya Frazier, a 14 year old girl who was murdered in 1994 and whose body was found in a vacant lot a week later. We are also working on finding the missing young woman, Susan Cox Powell.


girl-01Friends of Amanda Knox

Rose has helped with The Friends Of Amanda Knox, donating time and money to help free the falsely accused college student of murdering Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy.