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Investigation Services

While the reasons for an investigation can be numerous, the methods we use have many things in common. We work with the party we’re representing to find out everything possible about the situation and its background.

Our investigations then expand to a range of channels including public files and records from government agencies and courts, personal interviews with individuals involved, online data, web searches including social media, cooperative fact checking with local and national law enforcement groups, surveillance, and sometimes even a properly sanctioned dumpster dive.


Tenacity, Creativity,
Outside-the-box Thinking

With all the choices that we’ve learned over 25 years of investigative work, one of our most compelling advantages is our ability to bring together the right mix of investigative tools for your project. That’s where our experience helps us to get right to the best possible methodology to efficiently and effectively solve your challenges.



How to Get Started

Call us and we’ll be glad to talk about what you need, and how we can be of help. A few minutes on the phone can cover a lot of ground, and will let us determine the scope and timeline of your request. We can explain what you can expect from us, and how we can work together to do the work required.

Our phone is 425-482-0943 or you can send an email to if that’s easier. Either way, we’ll be glad to help.